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  • MISSION The mission of this organization is to support the various communities where our sons and daughters live, work, and play;however, we strive to invest in the human soul through our charitable works and fundraising efforts.
    VISION Our vision is to build a supportive relationship with each other that will last a lifetime. We want to serve as mentors to new moms in the world of professional basketball. Through our friendships, we will be able to help our children cope with the enticements of fame and fortune.
  • Dear Mothers Thank you once again for your support and having faith in me in order for me to remain your President. I am still committed to the duties of this office. I’m also very proud to represent all of you as I travel and serve in this capacity. Many years have passed since the birth of this honorable organization. To say the least…we have come a long way!
    Members it has truly been an exciting time in the world of sports these days; however, the needs are still great in the communities in which we live, work and play. The Mothers of the Professional Basketball Players, Inc. remain strong and continue to thrive as a unified group of women who serve. Our active members work tirelessly to complete our primary mission on a daily basis.
  • The purpose for our conferences is to spearhead a fundraising event in a particular city, come together to fellowship and network; and develop strategic plans that will enable us, “The Mothers” to be of service to our communities. As a 501C3 organization, we receive funds from our sponsors and activities to support our charities.
    “100 Hugs” Surrounding our overall theme “100 Hugs”, we were able to donate $30,000 to the University of Las Vegas Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach Program. For two years, we were able to donate $30,000+ to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida (Orlando Universal Branch). Other charities.

From MPBP President

Lucille O'Neal

It is a known fact that, “The art of living is that ability to turn negativity and negative experiences into positive learning and positive reality!” Learn More...
We have welcomed many new Mothers into the organization, and re-established old relationships since the beginning of our restructure in Atlanta 2006 and Houston 2007. The Mothers strive to invest in the human soul through our charitable works.



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As an established 501(c)(3) charitable organization our group has learned the importance of giving back to our underserved and local communities. We believe that the blessings we have received should be shared with others less fortunate.


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Collectively we of MPBP.org, remain true to our goals in order to reach another level.

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